the music makes me think of faces and butterfly kisses and tiny hands growing into personality. i am a little chilly just after i've learned about santa. the sky grows dark and seems to be uninviting. but there are things that keep me warm.
we were hot last night. and busy. the benefit, quiet loud, dark light...everything in the right places. our money will send books to prison inmates. i drank my first beer. for those who know me, you just know. trey and topher brewed for charity captain oil tanker. as i put it last night, "if i can drink this, i can drink anything." we posed in colorful animal balloon hats, both sets of hands holding our shared bottle as the timer on the camera flashed down. the bottle is still upstairs. me and ben, what a soul twin connection.
i went for myself, i went for the charity. was i being selfish?
death cab for cutie. i'm too tall for my own good. close my eyes and the music is still there. sam sang along. when i saw him for the first time outside of his element...the reality of the black and white photobooth pictures seemed closer.
kerbey lane lovin'. i see it in the way he smiles and focuses on you like there is no other. what does it mean to you, ben? i ate my scrambled eggs and french toast like a good little girl as my eyes darted back and forth. too much going on too late in the night (too early in the morning). it makes me want to remember every face i encounter. when i think of someone, the same image of their face surfaces, and i remember the smile or the eyes and how it felt when they were near me.
spaghetti-o saturday afternoons. texans like me love chili.
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