today, the psychologist called me "wise".
in other news, i have an avulsion fracture in my foot. the bone was almost completely broken into two pieces. ever since the old skool kickball game... it really was a glorious way to hurt myself, despite people advising me to create a better story. i was racing third and rolled on my foot. but next kick, i limped to home plate. i've been walking around with this sucker for almost two weeks. but now i have a lovely new two hundred dollar special clunky walking cast. and i make black marks on our kitchen floor. oh well.
something about brown paper bag lunches...picture of an apple, a sandwich with lettuce and meat, the token sweet and fruit juice or soda sitting out partially resting on a white and blue napkin. my mother used to write me little notes on my napkins...the snoopy ones for valentine's day. and then, i stopped bringing my lunch. i wish she hadn't been the one to always make my luches b/c now i'm not very good at doing it on my own. the last time i had to, i brought popcorn and kix in a ziploc bag, some applesauce and and peanut butter and honey sandwich. i swear, i'll starve in college. i can make spaghetti. well then again, my dad can only make chili and beans, and he gets along pretty well.