holy shit. it's monday.
today, mish polnac taught us that comedy is based on irony. yesterday, there was a comedic factor when i heard someone exclaim, "oh my god, we should get these for cancun." life is delightful when i take out the factors of pure hell. actually, i'm starting to sound like someone i don't want to sound like. will the court please disregard that statement?
there are plenty of things to be happy about...
number one) stinky vasquez and makin' collages at one in the morning watching moulin rouge and talking about gaseous emissions
number two) damion...he rocks the carpet hardcore style
number three) the fact that necrophilia stands for "love of the dead" or, as i like to call my medieval metal band, "dead love"
number four) i got sent home from work for misbehavin' on the busiest night everzzzz
number five) the eighties kodak shirt i found thrift store shopping
number six) even when people yell, i can still have a smile plastered on my face. and when i cry i laugh at the same time so i look crazy and that makes me happy
number seven) pretty colors and good music
currently spinning: the american analog set: the only one