many of the non-interesting stories i could tell come from work. i practiced my new signature. professor "kelly green" evil. weapons of many kinds were placed at the end of each evil. an ice pick and a gun come to mind. i also signed, dr. kelly green, professional badass. if you're laughing, it is because it is true and you know and you've just realized how witty and adorable i am (even with such a horrendous nickname).
my night was day early yesterday. spinnin' pennies and thumb wrestling with damion. and evan shares his migas as i share my syruped french toast. they took away my scuzzy booth seats and replaced them with new vinyl. i am quiet as i listen to boasting of beauty, the perks of big un-pancakelike breasts and singing along. i am so a boy b/c i do listen. wearing soft blue sweater that still smells of you, new boy. the four of us hovering over a table reminds me of nick drake in the golden single lightbulb or cap'n jazz in spinning fan colored light. i imagine our eight legs jutting out under the table with a formica top and wobbly base.
currently spinning: beatles: do you want to know a secret