it's all getting a little old and i just want to get out.
stinky and i plan to be the next owen wilson and wes anderson/matt damon and ben affleck team b/c we're geniuses. we started developing the characters in our film tonight. just watch, we'll be famous in ten years. the two of us talked about children picking their noses and firetrucks over steak and cheese quesadillas with lime sauce. hi-key lighting and color dominance. hmm, so royal tenenbaums three days in a row. gold, pure and solid fucking gold. probably the inspiration to what we have developing in pencil written words and free flowing thoughts.
momoko filled us with sweet taro root tea through a straw from a styrofoam cup. pretty kitty stickers and little tables.
life gets better and better the more we delve into rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead. heads. heads. heads. ninety-seven times over.
my brain hurts and i am tired. in the sleepy way and the sense that people keep harassing me about my "boy". as we speak, perhaps he is creating on omelet on a life sized frying pan or adding sauce to the chicken enchiladas ordered ten minutes ago. i like creating stories about other people when we sit waiting for a table.
currently spinning: the detachment kit: dead angels make slow sound