i guess i'm a guy's girl. a sexy one, nonetheless, but still one of the guys. i think i'm sexy. a lot of people do i guess, but they're the kind that want to get inside my pants or live like hundreds of miles away. i'm sure i could have it easy as a slut. but that's not me. makes me sad to know that all the real boys pay no mind to me b/c i'm so vulgar and so wild, so much like a boy. even when i wear the shirts that make people want to grab my breasts. i'm pretty straightforward when i dig someone, and if i'm not like, "hey, i like you" then i'll be making them cool presents or getting sassy. but they never pick up on that shit. and i'm starting to wonder how much it's worth it b/c i'm a cry baby, too. the ones i really like...i dunno. i keep telling myself that no matter how perfect he is that someone else out there is better b/c he'll want me too. and i have yet to find that. i hate being all sad about it. at the same time, i believe i control how i feel about a situation. but i'm probably getting something out of this so called suffering. i learn a lot when life's tough. and this is some petty ass tough.
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