merely observations:
your face seems smooth and creamy. chocolate dripping through your hair and shining in your eyes. your features gentle and subtle are your lips. my fingers reach out to touch what is not there.
you could wave to me a thousand times and it would never be good bye. face shadowed but glowing from heart and bright lights. are you staying warm this winter?
who likes my girlish figure that curves and breathes at the touch and lack there of? wrists and cheeks and waist, skin velvety and warm.
australian boy with waves sounding in his ears. the wind whispers to you, doesn't it? slip off worn in shoes so the sand may play with your toes. slip into the ocean and tell me what it tells you.
when it is cold like this, i wish to curl up, lost in printed page, next to someone. but as the flames in the fire place are imaginary so is he.
the pear tree stands barren in the browning front yard. arms and fingers stretched and frozen holding onto the few yellow leaves hugging thin branches.
currently spinning: cat stevens: the wind