sipping on iced mojo as the sunshines plays with shadows through the windows. the daylight keeps the smokers away from the graffiti'd coffee house i'm meeting him in. cusions slightly stained and crumpled but comfortable. i watch picturesque people while i wait. a symmetrical couple sitting across from each other and the man closest to me engrossed in the chronicle. he turns to me and we start talking about movies. and then travis enters. can't miss his orange shoes matching the orange shirt hidden by his tjmaxx hawaiin flowered shirt. he's got eyes that make me curious and a smile that makes me giggle. it had all the awkwardness and all the cheap shots as we talked about ourselves. our feet shared the table in front of our couch as we both drank our iced mojos and watched a couple guys playing pool two rooms away. our conversations kept us floating to topher's where the four of us chatted about wrestling, bad movies and hbo sex specials. i don't know how but somehow i kept him in the cold for an hour. while he was standing next to my car in the floodlight, i got him to blush when i told him i liked his smile. and we made plans for the next time he comes back from arkansas...camping on the beach or relaxing in shabby booths of my favorite places. i want to show him everything.
i won't say i like him like that yet.
but i had a lot of fun tonight, too.
you and me. a bernese mountain dog and a st. bernard.
do you ever just feel something that wants you to believe it's true? i wonder if it is...
currently spinning: dean martin: dream a little dream (of course a song like this would shuffle on)