i like leaving things in my pockets because finding what is inside weeks later is usually pretty exciting. like two dollars or like the three d glasses i found in my jacket today.
last night, trey hosted another benefit at his house. the chicken wire ranch is a good place for me. beer in system while hanging out with topher's little brother, travis. we rocked out to electric cock and watched batman and robin get it on from the line for the bathroom. i met some nice people last night who shared bizarre stories with me. and even though i might not see them ever again, it was all worth it. friendly smiles smirking at falling over drunk friends. pretty funny shizzat. travis and i are going to chill before he heads back to arkansas hopefully. i should give him a call. ben and mike of the wachs persuasion stood near the fire to keep our feet warm and our asses thawed. the smoke rose from the flames and into the sky. my body, my coat, my hair still smell like campfire wood even though i've stood underneath the jets of water. and the stills of stuck in the past headbangers, the deep persuasive stare of travis, topher's smile, rory's larger than life greeting, electric jesus art and vegan cookies ever present
ben and i have spent our days together quietly. each in a chair at the book store observing photographs. wandering around cheapos flipping through cds. while i socialize, he observes. last night, we talked about the possibility of new in our lives while listening to bad radio with the engine running.