our skin feels like silk flowing together.
on the evening at emo's, the four of us overtook magnolia's. and as you sat across from me, our legs crisscrossed...your leg, my leg, your leg, my leg. our hands massaging the other's leg under the table. and i smiled, drinking from your coffee cup, as you winked at me from above the rim. at home, your eyes gave you away. our lips.
you followed me to the bathroom, leaving ben upstairs. and as the winter became warmer, our bodies in skin and blue reflected in the mirror. floppy black hair tickling bare neck.
but i don't want to be the one who makes you miss your girlfriend.
we drove around the texas hill country stopping for ancient mexican pepsi. you were quiet while ben and i sang to jimmy eat world.
new year's eve.
off work at eight and then dressed the part of classy new year's ho. not. i wore jeans and the sparkly pink polo from j. crew i got for christmas. it's the one occasion i'll wear something shiny. cookies and a sip of grolsch and scandalous stories.
caffeine high on colin's last mocha from eleven pm. and then at ben's, apple juice sounded sounded good and the mike forced korean tea on me. it's nice to see you throw yourself on the ground with laughter while ben and i roll on the bed looking at his junior high yearbooks. i screw computers with the three condoms. we practiced looking gay. mike can pass it off...and ben well, you're too straight. i gave massages and received one that caused crazy orgasmic faces. you're my princes while we sit on the counter.