funny things i read or saw today:
i can see your point, but i still think you're full of crap.
greenkiss: dude, some woman who bought popcorn from me had a yellow stain on her crotch and i was scared
stinkyneedsacure: sick
stinkyneedsacure: i bet you wanted to smell it
greenkiss: and then there was another guy who ordered his stuff from me in an accent and then he started prattling off words and phrases like "fifty thousand" and talked about buying a person while speaking in a normal american accent
greenkiss: i wanted to punch him
greenkiss: he was orange, not tan, but orange
greenkiss: with white hair
greenkiss: so he looked like ernie (of ernie and bert fame) all grown up if they had lived in las vegas
stinkyneedsacure: so really he looked like your future husband
greenkiss: eww no