i think i've seen you before.
i've met someone...out of the blue.
he approached me, dressed in winter wear, nervous like me. i smiled at his friendly eyes as we acted like we had been together forever. he could be cautious yet gracefully confident while he shared with me. and i'm sure i had that stupid grin all night. ben folds five "mess" and red house painters "katy song" playing in one ear while he spoke to the other.
and all i could remember was ben saying that it could happen anywhere, even in best buy (but we were at cheapos).
and in his spare time, he reads and writes. will he ever read to me? while we were talking outside and while the smoke from his cigarette drifted into the air, i shivered in the cold and with anticipation. words came easy as my guard let down and he opened up . the two of us finding the new in each other.
he falls asleep to jazz. and the night outside causes weary head to greet soft pillow in a room echoing with the low croon of sweet beauty that i too will be listening to.
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