i cry now because my body hurts so much and my mind won't cease its' thinking while the sides of my head pound outward. like the cold rain that flows down the car window salt water trickles from the corner of my eye, and i scream in an enclosed box with windows and doors. school and my constant thought have made me sick and the headaches keep me awake. and i still have to go back tomorrow.
one second makes all the difference. what would happen if you missed the bus?
i love laughing with my friends...hysterics makes life simple and fun. i guess i don't look like much, but i pack a lot of pow. and i have decent sized guns for releasing the tiger on anyones face. donuts and hot chocolate cold saturday. foam. and he came semi-drunk, that evan character, and left proud and understood. while stink and ben and i gazed in awe over streetlit tagging.
my legs need to be stretched, my body needs to be rubbed, and my heart needs hugs. i miss you, miso. it'd be pretty to be steamy and well read.
the train hasn't passed by tonight. so the evening seems strangely unfamiliar.