i picked him up on east sixth street after weeks without. i guess no matter where we are, we're happy b/c not too many people would appreciate taco bell as "our restaurant". fine dining my friend, fine dining. he saw my mother tipsy which was fucking hilarious b/c he's the only one outside of the family that has, i think... later his hand grasped not mine but nine stories and catcher in the rye with four fingers and one thumb as i held onto franny and zooey. the used book store was raided last night for salinger writing. bible-less trey bought a one dollar good times bible, and after our stop to relieve a dr pepper fix, he read to me using one overhead car light flicked on. he continued as we arrived on his couch after walking the distance between cold outdoors and heated inside home. he wanted to find stories that made us feel good...the story of noah and some guy with a talking donkey. me, girl with no religion, listening to bible stories. but most referred to damnation so we opted to switch to salinger and took turns with the search for a bananafish with see more glass. after his roommate entered and the star wars funk, psychedelic rock, jesus song record had spun their many circumferences, he picked up his brown guitar. blackbird by acoustic and voice.
he's everything that boyfriend should be but he is not boyfriend. our smiles play off each other. but in the end, we're friends. if it weren't for fucking five years, he'd want me overnight. if not for five years, i'd be there every night. but i'm happy where we are. he's another reason for me to smile.
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