there are glossy sexed pages of magazine news laying in front of our eyes on a wooden table with maroon formica. not necessarily the place to be after dinner on the campus. the chill turned pale cheeks pink while the wind never flowed into navy indie coat. texas sleet expected tomorrow. and i will be in light blue thick knit turtleneck sweater that goes well with black peacoat and hot chocolate fighting to stay warm in forty degrees.
chuck goes out in the morning to drive. i asked him to describe the best part.
"getting to see the city wake up. seeing the nice houses i want to live in and watching kids run acroos the street with their book bags on. seeing bright graphiti against the gray sky. thinking about how everyone is sleeping, it makes it seem like it is private. like im watching people sleep."
the lights are out by ten o clock. clouds curled with cold, waves and arches.
currently spinning: mercury rev: the dark is rising