today dragged on as days before breaks do. but it's cool to pick up on the people you like because of who they are. mike talked and i listened, and it was that simple. he entertains the shit out of me and i hardly know him. and i like how going away for a break pushes the idea that you've got to be entertained by new faces. sketchy plans with people whose numbers i have yet to dial. but it's exciting.
natalie, intern extraodinaire, toured me around the austin museum of art. she's my bad ass bad seed buddy. turquoise and clay, carved designs and the promised gina pots. and we giggled about vinny and dumb things like band and wuthering heights as she gave me a behind the scene tour, riding an elevator with windows facing outdoors so the concrete fell visibly below and the buildings appeared to shrink.
it's been a long time since this has happened. first period, someone gassed up the place pretty fucking bad. danny, daniel and i all scooted our chairs back with the object of getting away from the wretched smell. an a-bomb that filled the entire room. i was laughing so hard i couldn't play, which honestly helped me escape the stench. silent but deadly...so true. god damn. and it lasted a good seven minutes.
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