last night, i thought everything was bad. and then it wasn't. the two of us sat in the bleachers listening to holiday music from flutes, cellos, and vibraphone. and we noticed all the little things, the moving heads and funny breathing, until we laughed enough to get those around us to stare with looks of death because their children were playing joyful noises unto the lord. i dunno about that.
and i asked him, alright ben. b/c i told you i could do it. now we just have to see if he shows up. jesus. it's one thing to have ben picking on me about boys, but it's another thing for him to get my mother in on it. yes, i have super flirt moves that sent them into hysterics.
ben and i were tired until we walked into toy joy. our eyes reflecting the flashing lights and our fingers rubbed the soft stuffed animals. he got a whole crowd of people to start playing with the shelves of plastic musical instruments. that was no picnic though. i don't remember much, but i remember being happy.
strawberry banana milkshake in the cold. we must be crazy. but i snuggled in my black peacoat as ben and i took turns reading nineteen eighty-four on a metal swinging loveseat outdoors under the colored lights of spiderhouse. and to make us crazier, someone upstairs started spinning a three six mafia mix, starting with "ass and titties". we bounced and rapped alone but in heaven, flailing around because we were laughing so hard. i racked in the points and you didn't, ugly!
i made fun of short people today and that's all i remember.
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