my eyes still droop with desire and my belly still pulses with touch. strong hands pulling at new skin and fingers wandering to feel the female body laying before him. warm and rhythmic and the friction of tongue upon tongue while my hair flops in his eyes creating a dark cavern of us, his face handsome in the shadows. he explores my body with soft lips and confident fingers, hot to the touch while the windows fog around us. i like our bodies together, fitting into one another with friendly eyes. piano melodies and soft whispers are our only sounds of true comprehension while the rest is interpretive.
we read each other, the written pages in front of our eyes before and the writing of peach warmth minutes later. cigarette cursive spelling nonsense in the air as we discuss freud, existentialism and fate, eyes meeting followed by my head buried in the nape of his neck. i feel safe while i look up from his belly and into his eyes relaying his truths and worries.
kisses, many kisses, again and again. still not enough to tide me over while he is away. he handed me a wrapped present and underneath its' sheets, his favorite book for me. i'll still taste him on my lips as i read the printed pages.