i come to pick you up at the airport armed with a single white flower which you managed to crush on multiple occasions...i oughtta kick you for that. houf arrt'd? the boy i've seen but never met, your best friend. mishka, jewish boy wonder. serious face from ben's photos smiling directly in front of me. it's hard to describe you, mike. sassy, shaggy and unshowered. i realized the inevitable fall while we espionaged mckinney falls as we braved new paths, being brutally scratched by the spiney trees, when we jumped the seven foot wide by five foot visible drop chasm of old winter stagnant water. thanks for sitting on the log so i could never fall in. once my foot hit the other side, i saw you silouetted by the warm rays of sun defining every detail in your face. we skipped rocks, ben and mike and me. or really, i tried with your coaching. rocks succesively skipped by you two: one million. rocks successfully skipped by me: one. it was fresh outdoors and the wind stung bare skin and you were warm.
so i seduced you, did i? i told myself not to pull any moves on the guy who will fly away on wednesday. but somehow it happened. we shared the same straw on the first day you were here. i remember the strawberry banana seemed much more delightful with the taste of you on the straw. whether it was in first sight at the airport or talking about radio hip hop or while the three of us slept in the warm bed i made for you after cyber ninja. i found out about you at the show. beer in the system let your secret out, i guess. and you forced me to wear your hat so the outside heater would not burn my head. our skin touched through blue jeans and winter coats, your converse meeting my sauconys. and i smiled as your hand found it's way into my back pocket. feed me russian candies for the time you are here and i promise to not forget you.