i miss that boy.
i walk in shoes that match the autumn leaves, dry and brushing on the concrete. the main character manipulates the cliches into beautiful workings of love in the marrow and blood. cold now, in black sweater, as i remember your warm sweater (the color of wheat).
tonight, i ate a baked potato that i stole from and imaginary santa claus in david sedaris' santaland diaries. made with extra love and care by the friendly oven and hands of keanu (he looks like the reeves one, but his real name is colin), baked potato soft with sour cream, cheese and bacon, hot while the windows are cold. magnolia cafe is my place, the diner for only i and my friends, too. we took my sister along, and for the first time i realized how fun it was to have her there. i mean, she was laughing at me. (and really, who wouldn't?) i make her smile. it's weird that i'll be gone next year. keanu sat down with us for a spell and got my digits. and cristina gave me that look and i was like, "it's not about the dating." it's really about a mean baked potato.
"i like a girl with big potatoes to mash, baby" i swear, the best line in a song ever.