damn, i'm awesome.
i just started my film class. nosferatu.
it was nice to see you vulnerable. i guess i'm the one that normally gets nervous.
lunch = fun as titties. tash and i shook our white bodies to the music and cristina laughed at us. i wanted to punch her. but instead i ate apples and oranges and baked ziti. food calms me down like the sweet hum of an engine. rev it baby.
i've just come back from squirting water onto the window behind me with a spray bottle. it trickles down in seperate paths. i wouldn't say simple pleasures for simple minds. if you tried it, you'd like it too.
travis told me something funny and admittedly meaningful when we were hanging out: "if i've learned anything from mcdonald's...it could happen."
i wear jeans a lot. in fact i'd feel safe saying i wear blue jeans three hundred and forty days out of the year. at least. they fade from indigo or bright blue and grow softer eventually going hol(e)y in the knees. i like to be wet in blue jeans...jumping into the pool or standing in the rain gazing upwards.
currently spinning: bright eyes: movement of a hand