you've got me rollin around...
i feel like kicking things. even after six months, he still makes me miss him. i told you about zion i a year ago. but by then, you weren't really listening to anything i was saying anyway. the hurt tends to last a lot longer than the relationship.
i've got words to share with you but i whisper them at night when no one else is around.
my daddy works on an oil rig off the coast of louisiana. he wakes up to the sound of the ocean and the loss of oil from its heart. geometrics and angles of human construction, permanent on its bed of sand.
i need to be outdoors more.
my orange nightie track pants are almost falling off. does that turn you on? they've got a tiger on them. rwarr. i'll keep you warm. my belly is warm and full of good food. if you rest your head on my head, you'll get to hear my lungs inhaling and exhaling, you'll get to hear my heart pumping life through my veins. my skin will melt into yours and my eyes will droop into sleep. you need all my love tonight.
i'll imagine someone with me.
i wore hot orange glasses when i drove today. they made rainbows out of streetlights and headlights, and city lights in the distance rose up in colors in the sky. the colors got distracting. the lines in the roads were too white so i took them off. a police officer could have handed me some shit for causing an accident while i was distracted by the pretty colors.
currently spinning: the anniversary: tu whit (out tomorrow, baby)