bottle rocket goodness.
eating donuts with you and curling up on the metal rocking seat, lit by the starry christmas lights strung around a tall tree. i like you pulling at my elbow as we recite our new dj assault lines for you. coffee and beer flow through our veins, voices soothing and skin silk and fresh. i was kissed in front of the city lights, high above the buildings it seemed and doped up on you. we smile in bliss and in confusion, real and surreal. i can see it in your eyes. a summer like wind blows your hair as my face rests on your shoulder, the two of us talking more with our movements and faces than with words. the porch like that depeche mode song, i just can't get enough. if i want to start throwing in eighties song references, i might as well add "i get weak when you're next to me (weak)". golden and pink glow surrounding our two bodies relaxed on the porch. i want to come back with you and sit in your backyard garden lit by the moon and never let go.
it's alright b/c we'll figure it out.
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