marrying names has become an addiction of mine.
i started franny and zooey last night after i started my english paper, to change moods, to ease me into sleep. somehow reading a few pages turned into reading about fifty, delaying my dreams for an hour. one dollar at half price books on guadelupe...the cover worn, weak and the pages golden with age and my fingers turn the pages with a gentle flip for my head wants more. franny makes me curious. but salinger would do that.
stinky shared her philly cheese steak with me tonight. and it made me smile as the ranch dripped down. life is good talking music with you as we laugh about the "olden days" which make me laugh even harder because it was only about three years ago. i could have watched a film about noam chompsky, but i watched you eat instead.
would anyone like to watch harold and maude with me? i think slam is the next one i'll be curling up with though.
i like the wind when it blows across my bare skin. january warm with seventy degrees farenheit. jealous much, maryland? our city in cold tones of beige and blue with the sun a hole into light in the sky.
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