the five of us sat around a schlotzky's table imitating one person and reenacting about twenty snl sketches. i haven't laughed so hard with people i don't know as well as others in such a long time. i watch their faces which in turn has me wrinkle up my nose and laugh without sound. that's the way it is when it's too funny.
sometimes i imagine myself in movie scenes. i am the one with arms outstretched spinning in a meadow or the one lying back on a blanket with arms crossed behind my head, making up stories about the clouds. i see myself as an outsider, as if i am viewing myself on screen or through the lenses of a camera.
jealous much? we're watching a semi-pirated copy of royal tenenbaums in film. semi meaning, she's got connections. the movie itself = exceptional and the fact that we're not supposed to be watching it makes it even better. muted colors with eccentric personalities. the burning cigarettes, mass of curly hair and a neurotic urban cowboy floatin' my boat.
currently spinning: midtown: such a person