who doesn't like singing along to queen?
i enjoy my club sandwiches on wheat sub bread and bacon fresh from oven hot. the cute boy was singing along behind the counter in falsetto (as all eighties bands do) as he cleaned the mayo from the counter and organized lettuce and onions. some rich bald bastard reading the chronicle started yelling at him, complaining that he was trying to "eat and read in peace" and then proceeded threatening to call central management. what i should have done was dump my ice water on his bald head and punched in the face for being a jerk and disturbing my peace with the music and lovely voice. i don't like it when people are mean. a word of advice...if you're gonna be a jerk, don't be a jerk in public, asshole. what i really did do was sneak over to the counter to tell brown haired boy, i dug he singing and that no one should listen to an asshole and i felt happy. down with assholes!
i <3 james.