up too late last night with pretty magazine pages, glue sticks and demented drawings that form a spin off of rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead.
hells yeah.
what a beautiful day with beautiful people dancing to the rhythm of their heartbeats that beat through their inner ear and into the pavement so the life pulses of others collide into a chaotic cacophony.
rear window viewing.
the art building downtown houses the photos of southern eloquence and prejudice and simplicity and beauty. we see ourselves and our past through the faces and objects of others.
thank you, sweet girl, for sending me a carnation of red on a day of expressed and inked love.
tonight, i will travel to your house and make you smile. lush is life and lavish in love.
and i look cute like carly simon in mocha brown and soft tan meeting indigo. no cliche of pink or red (unless panties count).
currently spinning: starlight mints: popsicle