caterpillars are funny. and their bodies move like contagions. i feel sad b/c i think kitty just ate one.
dance ben kweller. and sing to us like a spicy elliot smith. i like it when little boys pounce on their keyboards and manuever their guitars like there is no tomorrow. by this time, arms kept tounching me when others applauded b/c we were packed like sardines.
the anniversary loves austin. and i love the anniversary for their pretty songs and their pretty music that makes me want to shake my hips. sing with breathy voices and shout with all your might. variations on the themes of prior albums building and waning like the waves of the ocean.
it's fun to laugh in the back of the classroom b/c teacher keeps making sounds to demonsrate how the human can only reach a small range of pitches. interesting lady. if i were a teacher (like i used to want to bein elementary), i'd be entertaining. the one who jokes penuckle humor and loans out music. and i say shit a lot, b/c it makes me giggle. we used to make tiny folders out of construction paper and hand them out to our animals and dolls. i bought a chalkboard to write the letters upon.
today, under stink's influence and due to the eighteen wheeler with a missing front bumper parked horizontally down the middle of the highway, we rode the grassy knoll to the frontage road. you wish you were as rock and roll as us.
johnny invited stink and i to play keyboards at the music store. my head aches from undulations, imitation moog bass, and created chords but i made happy music and scary music.
currently spinning: the dismemberment plan: respect is due