well, the sun, a single eye in a blue skinned face peers overhead with a watchful and tempting look.
ben and i rode the zilker zephyr, choo choo train of the park. little faces swivel around and smile only to hide behind daddy's back or be swooped into mommy's arms seconds later. too nice to be indoors.
yesterday, my tummy protuded a bit more than usual, full with greek food and conversation. shawarma with roasted chicken and stuffed grape leaves slick with flavored oil that leave a minty aftertaste and salty feta that i eat with my fingers. foreign silky and fresh to taste buds. outdoors the body meets the air with the same verocity of a cool breeze.
the outdoors plays aphrodisiac to winter body. and kites of multicolors soar high above reach. wind blown hair from wide open windows letting the sun and atmosphere into the car. later on, the shadows of tree leaves and people project onto and through the blinds while patterns of sun light the ground we walk upon.
martha stewart longs for lovin'. and you can see it in her eyes as she gets tipsy of fresh vineyard chianti. see that sexy hat that blows off in the breeze as they try to impress you with the information of how many yeast cells per ounce of wine. cook for me, dear martha.
last night, people got plastered listening to a band who's name you cannot write and you cannot say. smell of dust and pot and other people. hugs all around for people i rarely see. true, you had to bring your own cup for the kegs. but a little lovin' comes around. lighting your cigarette on a candle is hardcore, especially if it's citronella. drunk girl dances with soused old man who keeps getting harassed to turn his hat backwards. stinky and i kept a watchful eyeopen at all times. captain oiltanker gets you fucked up. nice to see the dark curls upon your head and the smile permanently attached to your face. someday i'll get my sparkly sweater back. and i'll rock it with the glittery pink socks. damn straight.
cristina talks to me with words i understand b/c i can totally relate. tee hee.
would you walk through fire for a twanky? twenty dollars for a one hundred foot cliff dive? would you? making me giggle late at night keeps me up until all hours. and i have animated thought tie instead of sleep b/c of you. but since it's you, i'll let it slide.
pow baby.