pesto penne pasta, creamy with parsley and pinenuts. wooden table under a barren tree and a blue sky. i like to see their smiles as we sit together for lunch. i started a food fight. and i created the climax. would anyone else like juicy kiwi skin rubbed on their face? "i'm gonna squash you." bad pun on the part of ben black who threatened me with a fork catapult on top which rested a half slice of bright yellow steamed squash. and lizzie handed me a pink and white and green tulip. the inside was all sexy with dark and scattered pollen.
last night was my night with damion. i like to be all curled up with you, keeping warm under blankets and wrapped up in your arms: shelter from the cold air slipping in through the hole in the window. toothbrush shenanigans and a badass balsa wood glider plane complete with pirates and affirmations of my coolness. blanket caves and built to spill on college frat radio. my shirt smells like you.
currently spinning: presidents of the united states of america: peaches