well bro, velveeta shells and cheese is for the rich priviledged kids. i'm your average joe bustin' out that mac and abnormally yellow cheese. those damn shells are for special occasions (i.e. graduation, marriage...i can see it now..."what, you're engaged??!! this calls for the velveeta!") in my family.
the road stays the same but differs in the different daylights. road signs grow familiar and i can recognize the distance between us based upon billboards. passing junk yard, red muddy soil from construction and flashing lights on the way to something, someone natural.
i stayed home for senior skip day. stinky, tash and jess danced into my living room with a longing for donuts. so we went.
i got to wake my pretty face early this afternoon while the clouds created pungent rainy smells and caged in the humidity. under sheets beside bamboo curtains but closest to you. pirates make me randy...aarrrrr. we sat outside during nature's debate of of wet or dry , wet or dry. a tiny spattering of heaven sent droplets teased the soil while we watched from the porch swing, your head in my lap.
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