bald is rock and roll. stomping in puddles of our own sweat. humping the speakers and singing on top of the bar. les savy fuckin' fav. french for punk fuckin' rock. he throws whistles into the crowd, sucks on fingers and rips his shirt with bare teeth. and our faces grow red and our bodies grow muggy from moving so much, so fast, so loud. he wants pay-per-view porno and is carried on a plywood board back the stage. daddy to be sparkles on his shirt. he kept telling that kid to suck him and threw water at the others. jump across stage and get the kids to hold your mic (we're all too in love to say no.). the bass is pumpin' as he thrusts his hips and we jam in tempo. he gets away with it all. who rocks the party like we rock the body? tim harrington is my new hero. it's tantric vs. groovin.