ludicrosity. between the skinny ass blood brothers up on stage taking turns screaming on one night and the locust wearing hot pants and masks, stank-o and i got about three hours of sleep. oh boys of makeout club, you missed our dumb ass comments. is that real? you can be the captain of our hearts. ahaha. sorry for not snagging a concert poster for you johnny, it would have been two hot things to look forward to i suppose. the sun came up while we lay on her bed. curled up in comforters and slightly delirious. some guy grabbed a girl's boobs in the pit and they got in a fight. demon = chris carraba. damion came over. what is it? absence makes the heart grow fonder. aww, how i missed clipped toenails and greasy hair. the couple and the two of us watched the royal tenenbaums from the couch with the lights turned out. and then sat in the yellow light on picnic tables devouring frozen custard. chocolate dipped.
my skin is still warm from the sun and smells faintly of sunscreen. the cold water counteracting hot sun. b and i lounged on a float while making remarks. our legs frozen in position under water. i rest my head on the side and close my eyes. faded tie dyed towel on a grassy slope and book open to something about shoe polished hair and brown towels. it felt so fresh to be out there. hair pulled back in braided pigtails.
it's like i'm asking him on a date...the awkwardness. but it's just him. and it's trying to be friends again. johnny's coming over soon. i think his hair looked...great...in a ponytail sticking out of the top of his head. i still like talking to him.