i pretended to be asleep this morning. i didn't want to ruin their moment.
do not ride with johnny in cabs.
you'll find out the hard way he has crabs.
nat and gabe and i went to the game last night and watched the longhorns kick unt's ass. a sea of orange screaming "make 'em eat shit". damn we're classy. we bought a four dollar and fifty cent soda in a souvenir cup and a pretzel for two seventy five.
out late the past two nights. wandering around campus looking for a party...sort of. but we ended up watching forty eight hours : mysteries at some guy's house. trust me, it was full of laughs. rarr. and there's this boy. i was feeling shitty and he recognized me from the dorm party. i don't know. maybe there's a lack of brutal honesty or i just don't know what's going on. short stack of pancakes at kerbey lane. it's late and muggy outdoors. and we walk back together only to end up with him laying on a bench a block away from the dorms. and his head is close to my leg. there's a couple making out farther down the row of benches. his name is sam.
hot shots of blood and guns. pulp fiction on a saturday afternoon. lady is back in town. stank and johnny and i hide under the covers laughing hysterically and being close. johnny is folding the sleeve of my shirt upon itself. stink and i share a pillow. and it's good being all back together. the windows are rolled down in tash's explorer. and paul revere is at spiderhouse as we sit at the wooden table we sat at last time. our initials are still carved into the wood.
respect is due. so bon voyage my darling.