if i have mono, heads are going to roll. and i am tired right now. and somehow i think that in avoiding sleep i am avoiding the possibility of having mono. oh but it is cold in here. how would i have gotten mono anyway? no one i know has it and i've never had it. in other related news, i slept all day yesterday, i live off soup and i experiment in burning different types of paper for my future project. i think i'm starting to hear things, namely a phone off the hook that i can't claim as my own. last night i lay in bed with covers pulled up to my chin and i sang along to the song that would play out into the room. all by myself. the sun is out. the sky is blue. there's a not a cloud to spoil the view, but it's raining. raining in my heart. buddy holly is my new idol. there is still some lemon lime powerade in the fridge which i believe shall be finished. umm now.