i've driven myself to exhaustion with under eye circles and tired body moving from place to place.
on monday, benny and i shared a wonderfully romantic dinner in the trolley at spaghetti warehouse. oh darling, how you put away the bread and oh, how you stepped on the red gummi worm residing next to your chair legs. a year in review and tomato sauce filling our tummies. i think we creeped our waiter, douglas, out just a little bit. but benny is darling and we dressed up nice to talk about pussies rather than wearing our normal slummy clothes. i giggled excessively and spooned wedding soup into my mouth. we are so soul twins, cuddly and cute until the very end. (insert babysitter's club the tv show theme) i don't even want to go into the kiss. photobooth, kiss, reaction. yowza. ridiculous. there was no aftertaste of the coffee ice cream with strawbwerries we had eaten earlier nor any slickness of chapstick. just two sets of junior high lips and blushing faces. don't ever slip me the tongue, or i'll slit your throat.
the pattern and the hot hot heat. the tres hot dance party. apparently my weave goes crazy when i bust a move but at least i don't hump people like aaron of manatee. i would whisper secrets into stinky's ear and she would either piss her pants laughing or give me disgusted looks. kevin is by far the most rock and roll boy i know. he's got stealth moves like your very own personal new wave dance party. and i tied my swetshirt around my knockers while scrubbing the ground with ben. and johnny's fro hit people in the face while the two of us ballroom danced. and benny and i recreated junior high with mumbled words and lack of eye contact. it was electric candy for the body. we made fun of the drunk indie girl and the boy with goth hair and drank lots of water. jealous much? i think so.