why is tim harrington such a badass? i love his bras and love his ripped t-shirts and love his bald head for he, my friends, is a true rockstar. true.
and the faint made me dance like a maniac on the floor. new moves released, gripping at my head. moving so fast my eyes dizzy me. and light hits the wirings and metal and the kids dance in the dark lit up with the pictures flashing like strobes.
delinquents at the pool drinking girly drink in muggy weather while clouds cover the sky just enough so the sun don't shine.
at least i didn't get a ticket for urinating in public.
smears of ink and cooking in the kitchen wearing mirrored sunglasses.
the ocean is big and blue.
i wonder what it would be like to be a caterpillar. caterpillars are little and everything else is so big. a caterpillar could crawl on my kitty's paws and look like a kitty bracelet.