how did it get to the point where i had to break up with someone that i love? it's like the worse possible thing happened and there's the choice between friends and boyfriend. and i love everyone. it feels yucky in my tummy. i miss you at night. and i miss your smile. the way you smell. how your hamburgers are always plain and dry. hrvatski, venetian snares and a medium tolerance of the shit i put on the radio. kix in bed and treats for kitty. the little elephant and cuddling in bed. crossword puzzles and flying kites in the park. our first date at schlotzsky's and our constant place at la madeleine to share tomato basil soup and ceaser salad. seinfeld, star trek and the andromeda strain. your tummy and your hugs. starting the fire at the beach and sleeping in a hotel parking lot on the way to new orleans. making crepes and eating popsicles. how you can't dance. it's time to take care of myself, but i miss loving you.