i vote houses without central air window units or even fans are stupid.
i seriously don't remember the last time i hung out somewhere with central air.
other than brian's.
matthew barney is a weirdo, and we've been blessed here in the great ol' city of austin with the chances to see all of cremaster cycle. i bet bjork's and his kid is uber weird. everything , in all it's oddness appears crispand natural, like some beautiful dream that stays for too long after eyes are once again opened. blood covered faces and an emaciated woman struggling out of a mound of earth. the other four are playing later this week, for the art fag that wants to know.
mark of negativland presented a multimedia discussion at the drafthouse last night. my new heroes send out fake press releases and get sued by u2. these guys are from england and who gives a shit.
sex and the city marathons on the newly formed girl's nights provide sharing sexual deviations and falling over about stanford.
we hopped up onto the porch and talked about everything. i felt old seeing how he'd grown. the moon was low and the backyard crowded. the new kid smoked cigarettes as we talked about photography and architecture. little augustus ran about in his crimson cape bottle of wine empty and set lose to dj. cleaning cups found on the ground and wiping the sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand.
sometimes i like winter better.