spidery clouds stain the dark sky.
i found ash in my bellybutton after the little fireflies of light.
shadows play off the wall.
and rain dripped slowly, seductively down the window. the sound helps me sleep while the sky is cloudy.
last night, we sat under large leafy trees at a wobbly table. i look homeless amoung the fashionistas. but listen, with interest, to everything that is said.
benny and i watched the dogs run and jump into barton springs for hours as we sat on rocks by the water. we dipped our feet in. the cold felt good on my feet.
i made organic shells and cheese yesterday and felt like a hippie.
alison and i have been harassed by three seperate groups of mexicans.
first time i saw him, he was wearing a spandex eighties tank with a huge tiger head plastered on the front. the next day, an embriodered jacket with flowers and swirls with nothing underneath. we dubbed the boy with a curly fro and army green capris with ribbons and strings for a belt the knave of gypsies.
aaron and i exchanged recipes for the poor. eggs, potatoes and bread. you'd be amazed at the meals.
so an invite for a movie means a make out session. if you're asked to come over and listen to records, it means you're going to get laid. i'm glad aaron informed me of such use(less)ful information.
movies: makeout
records: rubbers
be prepared. it's the boy scout way.