i hung a calender above the light switch on the wall.
there is a woman who lives next door to brian and she always wears jogging clothes. oversized yellow tank top and black or yellow jogging shorts. when i see her, i think of joan didion on the cover of the book i own. and mariah and the nothingness.
and sometimes i think of tea in cups with cream being poured in and swirls with the spoon.
the kitty is watching a fly.
i would like a bicycle.
fruit and bread. cake and salsa. free samples at the grocery store. filling plastic containers with organic peanut butter and carrying my products to the check out line. a hug for my curly headed hobo friend.
brian said that he was dirty. but i associate with all types.
our living room looks loftish. a cushion couch. a tv on a black plastic bag. and a lamp resting on a wooden ladder.