the metal cart full to the brim with groceries. ice cream, bagels and pears.
the latest i've stayed up in a while.
apple, peaches pumpkin pie.
the car windows are rolled up and i sing to myself with the airconditioning turned up high.
if i could do anything, i'd hold you all night.
i bought sparkling cider to look classy. perhaps it will take the place of alcohol to cheer me up tomorrow.
we giggled over chicken salad sandwiches and chips with cilantro salsa. i like the windows there. the light floods from the sky onto a wooden table where we sit smiling and talking. i am to be presented with my official honorary mexican card.
audrey hepburn is my girlfriend. cary grant is my boyfriend.
you're quite wonderful although you hate t-shirt and flannel sheets.
i am adorable.
laying next to you feels so good. but we still cry.