mango, watermelon, strawberry kiwi and coconut water ices eaten in the sun. i like the sweat that forms like a mist on my body. crowded and loud smelling like sunscreen.
i like to be under water.
dancing in the dark to wilco on hardwood floors. the light creeps in from another room, but your face is still a silouette.
i haven't been getting enough sleep.
there is a vase of flowers resting on window air conditioner. the tiles in the bathroom are blue and white squares. the walls are taped off properly for painting. lemongrass, aqua sky and bamboo shoot. so bohemian, n'est pas?
audrey tautou rests in a box of happenstance.
cold horchata in a plastic cup. grilled cheeses with real cheddar. bread with roasted garlic hummus or soft butter.
i found my new summer loves.