i've got polka dot panties with ruffles on the siiiide.
tall white limestone walls and water rippling in the wind. small waves upon brown hands and shadowed soft skin looking darker and pale blue in the light. peer through a viewfinder to capture movement and color. denim and worn suede. the sky matched the walls. and their shoes matched the pavement and the water.
i sit in front of the computer daily in a race against my temper. i hate formz.
colored jointed lines and printing in black and white.
we ate free cannoli.
low fat mint ice cream is lime green. and it bubbles when it melts.
the bus is loud and blue. out the dusty windows the road slips off into the horizon.
it smells like laundry detergent.
i made a blue crayon diagram in my sketchbook.
i like the color blue right now.