i don't want to be in design right now. i want to be drawing dracula.
and somehow i got into the habit of going to the grocery store three times a week with nick. three bucks here and nine bucks later. i think i'm wasting lots of money.
i should save it for vienna in may. or i won't be able to get awesome shit.
in search for a tag name.
team dracula awesome for life.
team awesome on kvrx saturday one to three am. get yo' party on.
follow the maze to my heart. awwwwwww.
hearts and unicorn are my life.
i saw some unicorns doing it on the internet. and i got so hot.
dear regret
you are a good song
i like saint simon by the shins. and it is cold outside.
i drink.
i work.
and i snuggle with nick.