i hate america.
i hate that american citizens are ignorant, cruel, self-centered, greedy, intolerant, stupid, uninformed, selfish, uncaring, conservative, fat, money-grubbing consumermist slobs that hide behind their religios "morals".
i hate that america does not represent me.
i hate that i have to worry about my freedom and my rights.
i hate that americans hate gay people.
i hate republicans.
i hate not understanding why people voted for bush and how this was even possible.
i hate that the majority of americans do not understand the real terror is in office.
i hate knowing that at least fifty percent of the people around me must not be "good" people.
i hate that these people don't understand what the constitution means.
i hate that my body belongs to the government.
i hate that i wish i could leave america as soon as possible.
i hate that i cried all the way home today b/c i worried about the future state of my country.
i hate that i don't even want to refer to it as my country anymore.