i miss my lovey and photo shoots in the alley.
i tried learning to knit, but alas it was too complicated..for now.
i sung canned heat at karaoke and wig in a box and bohemian rhapsody and did a solo time after time and sung butterfly with my sister and it was lovely fun b/c i danced and belted and lost my voice. rockin hard. yesss.
hot cocoa and talking to my honey in the north.
hands buried in pockets and a scarf wrapped around my neck which will soon be kissed and loved. countdown two and a half days.
i wish i had my bone folder when i was wrapping gifts and it was then that i felt truly nerdy.
my hair is long, but not riding on horses bareback long. that's far too hippie.
man, i totally want some brekky tacos.
the cold is creeping under my blanket.
i like reading when i get too anxious to see what happens or i'm excited or i know what's going to happen and i can't read so i end up skimming the page and get frusterated and have to put the book down b/c it's just too much.
it is cold outside and i hope santa claus comes tonight after i fill myself up with dinner and make my annual trip to church to sing and jingle bells and watch all the pretty lights. it's the little baby jesus' birthday tomorrow.