may sound dorky but whenever i see that lifehouse music video, i really want a rockstar boyfriend. they're not even hardcore. oh well.
i actually read some of harry potter when i was babysitting last night. it wasn't that great, i'd pobably read it if i were extremely bored or had an assload of time on my hands.
oo oo, my may horoscope says my lucky love day in the fifth, which is senior prom...not that i'm invited...yet. hahaha
i went thrift shopping yesterday with some people. hit thrift town and got a purple blue bell shirt for a dollar. tres chic! johnny got a "texans love the price is right" shirt and i made ben by an indie rock jacket and fuzzy beige shirt. glenn was there, too. he supposedly has a thing for me but i dunno, he was too busy hitting on this mannequin. it was a pretty nice afternoon for wandering aimlessly around.
currently spinning: goldfinger: is she really going out with him?