i wish i had a guy friend who could bust a move like adam. damn, i see amazing similarities in our dancing patterns.
cristina and i played "your team, my team" and of course i'm rocking cause i gave her the umm, most physically attractive challenged man of the evening. it's a cruel game but it's amusing. i guess the object is to people watch and say "your team" to the other person if you see a boo fugly of the opposite sex.
i'm going to get married and my future husband and i will wear matching scarves.
johnny. pretty boy.
ben made up songs about all of us tonight (spawning out of yesterday's "kelly album") and sang them to everyone in my room. some his own chord progressions and others copies of new weezer. i think every one of the songs about me start off with "kelly/she's so smelly". oh well and for the record, it's not true. usually.
currently spinning: weezer: o girlfriend