coldplay was absolutely amazing last night. i don't believe i've been so full of awe before. the band had so much energy, playing every song with all emotion, and i could feel it running through me. i closed my eyes and felt it all. the lights flashing in little star circles of light, or swirling colors behind them. the lighted globe a center of beauty surrounded by the invisible voice of beauty.
alison and i met some of topher(the whole foods guy)'s friends and his little brother, making all the better. during one song we put arms around shoulders and rocked back and forth. the rest of the audience didn't join. but hey, their loss. travis, his little brother, kept smiling at me when this guy behind us would sing off key at the top his lungs when he knew the words. but trey was the best. he danced to the funky bass stuff going on between sets and swayed back and forth with us. and then we'd giggle with him during the show, his face all smiles with too much beer when we pointed at him whenever coldplay sand "you" or when we screamed like dorks at the end of each song.
i stopped by whole foods today and trey took a break to talk to me. i sat drinking my cherry vanilla soda listening to him talk and telling him crazy economics stories. trey rocks my world.
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